Tax investigations

We have extensive experience representing businesses in a wide variety of tax investigations.

Since the financial crash of 2008, our profession has experienced a more aggressive approach from HM Revenue & Customs regarding tax investigations, designed to collect more tax. HRMC's belief is that businesses and individuals are not paying enough tax.

Nobody would choose to have an investigation but HMRC may choose you.

So that means

  • You don’t have to be a crooked business to have a tax investigation.
  • Many tax investigations end up with settlements of less than £2000.
  • Tax investigations are very stressful for the person being investigated – you will feel you are being accused of fiddling your taxes
  • Investigations often take between one and two years.
  • Cost to you of pursuing an investigation are high – your own time but also your accountants.


Tax investigations insurance

In the event of a tax investigation, accountancy fees can run to thousands of pounds due to the lengthy nature of dealing with HMRC. Our insurance will cover you against all our accountancy fees in relation to our time when dealing with a tax investigation.

By using us as your accountants will also help keep the chances of investigation to a minimum.

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