Fundraising & cash management

Small and medium sized businesses have traditionally been highly dependent on high street banks for their finance.

The various bank's problems of recent years have been well documented. That has lead to banks being far more cautious, which in turn has lead to less being lent to SMESs.

Our experience shows that banks are demanding –

  • More security before they lend
  • Reduction in overdraft facilities
  • Higher margins charged when they do lend
  • Detailed financial forecasts

In short it is more difficult to get banks to lend money and they also charge a lot more.

We have experience working with banks and can support you in producing the necessary paperwork and liaise directly with the bank. We also work with you to explore other sources of finance which may be more suited to your business.

These include:

  • Better cash flow management – less credit to customers
  • Improved profit margins
  • Hire purchase and lease financing for asset purchases
  • Factoring and invoice discounting – works best for expanding businesses but can be very expensive
  • Equity investors – frequently very difficult to match the interests of business owners and investors. For that reason relatively rare source of finance to SME’s.

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